If you’re a UKIP member reading this, no doubt you’re part of the true strength of our Party. Maybe you deliver leaflets, take part in street stalls in town centres, knock on doors, telephone canvass, campaign online, persuade friends and family to vote UKIP, fundraise, and take part in local branch activities.

It’s also quite likely that you feel you don’t have enough of a say in how our Party is run. Your voice should matter; it should make a difference. In a modern technological age, consulting the Party membership isn’t difficult and it isn’t expensive. I believe that members who feel informed, consulted and listened to are also members who are going to be much more willing to help campaign and pound the streets for UKIP. After all, we’re the Party of democracy when it comes to Westminster elections.

Maybe you feel that our National Executive Committee often seems to be too remote from the membership. We could take the easy way out, making a few little cosmetic changes. Or we could change the Party’s constitution to allow it to become fairer, more representative and more democratic. Our Party Constitution wasn’t designed for a Party of 40,000+ members.

I can’t give you an absolute promise that we’ll change the Party Constitution. No candidate can promise that because any change has to be approved by you, the members, by a two-thirds majority. Once my team have got a top-notch, legally-watertight democratic Constitution fully drafted, we’ll give you the chance to vote on it.

I’ll set out more detail about how we’re going to do all of this in the coming weeks.